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How it Began

In 1991, a mother had a vision of starting a school that would provide children of the Messianic community with a godly education based on Biblical values. Soon a few more parents with the same vision joined her. Together they started a very small school with two classes and two teachers.

The school was founded on many prayers and named Makor HaTikvah, “A Source of Hope.” It was founded with the intention of being a source of hope for Messianic families.  There were not many Jewish believers in Israel, and they were concerned about their children’s education. The vision that sprouted in the heart of one mother, grew into a full elementary school which now includes all the middle school grades. The Lord has greatly blessed this school and allowed it to flourish and become a source of sound and Godly education.


The school is a haven for some 140 students, and 20+ teachers and covers grade 1-9. It complies with the curriculum required by the Israeli Ministry of Education but does not receive financial support from the Israeli government.  It is an asset to the Messianic community in Israel.

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Families of many backgrounds; cultural, theological, and financial; are represented in the student body. Children of new immigrant families bring a diversity of languages. Classes are taught in Hebrew. An Ulpan pullout class bridges over the language barrier by teaching Hebrew in an accelerated and individualized fashion.

Looking Ahead

In recent years we have heard over and over that the school has reached its full occupancy. Over and over the school finds ways to safely accommodate more students. At the same time, not all applicants can be accepted, in part, due to what the current leased facility can accommodate. With your help in prayer and financial support we would like to become an even larger pillar for the future of the Messianic Community in Israel.

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