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We are the Friends of Makor HaTikvah


The School

In the very heart of Jerusalem is a school for Jewish young believers, grades 1-9.  Makor HaTikvah.  It means “Source of Hope.” And it truly is giving encouragement and hope to the Messianic community in the region who are followers of Yeshua (Jesus). This Messianic school in the heart of Israel is accredited by the Israeli Ministry of Education, which is a miracle in itself.  The outcome of years of prayers and much hard work. Providing a safe haven and laying a faith-based foundation for young believers is our sacred mission.

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Our Connection

Our Founder is an Israeli believer living in the US.  While visiting family in Israel, we reached out to connect with a friend.  In an “appointment” that only the Lord could orchestrate, a soul connection was made with the school. Just a couple years later, we became a US-based Friends organization for the school.

Friends of Makor HaTikvah is a volunteer based 501.c.3 organization since 2018. Apart from minimal operational expenses, often covered by our board members, all the donations received from the US and from around the World are transferred regularly to Makor HaTikvah school in Jerusalem.

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Our Passion

Our passion is to come alongside the Family of Believers in Israel by providing a safe haven for their children’s education. Raising both prayers and funding will sustain the school, allow it to grow, and enable less privileged families to send their children to this environment. Makor HaTikvah is currently filled to capacity, and more are waiting to be enrolled.


We hope to foster and deepen the understanding, the unity, and the cohesiveness between Messianic Judaism and the world-wide Body of Christ, as together we build bridges of education, fellowship, and support with Israel.

Show your support

First, we ask you pray for the school, the students, the teachers and families.

If you wish to support the school financially, please click below to find ways you can donate.

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