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Thank you letters:


Some Messianic families were absorbed into Makor HaTikvah school when they were displaced because of the October 7th events and the war that followed.




I would like to thank Makor HaTikvah, as well as all the friends and partners who made it possible for my children, N. And N. to suddenly join the school program when we were forced to urgently evacuate from Sderot, due to the danger to our lives.


On October 7, we woke up at 6.30 from sirens; and then we heard machine gun fire under our windows.


I looked out the window and saw 4-armed people firing at cars; and then began to shoot at a man who ran out of his car and tried to hide in our yard. The terrorists then started shooting at the windows of our home. The children were very frightened and afraid to be left alone for a moment.

There was a high probability that terrorists would climb through our windows, and we could not relax for a minute. I kept going to the window and listening for someone climbing. We all prayed together and believed that God would protect us from missiles and terrorists.


After the next rocket, all lights and communications were lost in our area.  All this time we sat at home hearing constant machine gun fire and many rocket sirens.  Our youngest son did not eat or sleep until we left the city. And even when we left the city and found another place, the children were still haunted by the fear that terrorists might appear.  It took several weeks for the children to calm down and be able to return to their normal state.


But what helped them the most was when they went to Makor HaTikvah School and fell into their normal rhythm of life. My children really like the school, and do not want to go back to school in Sderot. They have made many new friends at Makor HaTikvah and are friends with everyone there.  The school has a good atmosphere, and my children have become calmer and enjoy going to school. I don’t even know how we can get back to school in Sderot now.


And, thanks to everyone, the entire team of teachers at the schools.



We are the C. family.


We would like to express our deep gratitude to the Makor HaTikvah school for accepting our children for education.  We just moved to Israel, to Sderot, in the summer. And what happened at the beginning of October was terrible. Words cannot describe what our children, and adults too, had to endure. The fact that Makor HaTikvah opened its doors to us is a huge blessing! The children were able to return to normal life, take their minds off bad thoughts and memories. We were able to feel freedom of movement again.


There are not enough words to express our feelings.  Thank you very much to the entire team for welcoming us with warmth and care! May the Lord bless each of you.

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