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Prayer for Israel 

During these uncertain times, we covet your prayers more than ever. Please take a moment to review the prayer points below and join us in this warfare. Pray for:

  • Unity among government leaders, particularly those in the war cabinet responsible for crucial decisions.

  • Strength and renewal for these leaders as well as high level army and security officials who face constant criticism, blame and anger.

  • Anointed decisions as to correct war strategy, whose parameters are constantly changing.

  • Capture or assassination of top-level Hamas leaders, particularly Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Sinwar, and Mohammed Deif, thought to be hiding in the tunnels under Gaza.

  • Release of hostages captured October 7! There are approximately 90 hostages still held in Gaza plus 40 bodies of those murdered on October 7th. Of the 90 it is not known how many are still alive.

  • Supernatural protection of IDF soldiers from enemy weapons and booby traps.

  • Supernatural wisdom to know where danger lurks.

  • Protection against friendly fire incidents and army accidents which comprise a percentage of the injuries and deaths.

  • Ability to fight against terrorists without harming civilians. This is difficult because Hamas purposely fights from within populated areas as well as mosques, schools, and hospitals.

  • Adequate prison facilities and staff and correct treatment of detainees and captured terrorists. That Israel would act righteously including toward its enemies.

  • Ability to adequately distribute humanitarian aid and set up safe relocation centers with basic food and health accommodations. Hamas has repeatedly tried to block these efforts, stealing aid, and attacking distribution personnel.

  • Healing of the wounded. The hospitals are filled with seriously wounded soldiers and others wounded in the October 7 attack who require long term rehabilitation. These include amputations, head/brain injuries, severe limb and inner organ injuries.

  • Overworked medical staff, finances for extra staff, equipment, and expansion of facilities.

  • Wisdom how to deal with northern front against Hezbollah as well as West Bank, hot spot for terrorist activity.

  • Displaced citizens from northern and southern communities hanging in limbo, unable to continue with normal lifestyle, work, and school.

  • Extreme financial burden on Israeli economy causing increased price hikes and inflation.

  • Against lies and fake news in West hiding under mask of pro-Palestinian sentiment, causing surge in antisemitism and hatred of Israel. Incredibly this phenomenon has produced a tie between liberal West and Muslim fundamentalism.

  • For a revolution in Iran, that a righteous government would overthrow the cruel extremist government whose president God has supernaturally removed!

  • Pray for all these issues to bring a hunger for God and revelation of Yeshua to Israelis as well as Palestinians and a sweep of revival and salvation to all the world!

– by Betty Intrater, Tikkun Global

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