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Our Mission

Our Mission is to foster the growth and development of Makor HaTikvah, Israel’s first State accredited Messianic Hebrew-speaking School, through a US based foundation committed to providing ongoing financial and operational support.

Our Vision

Assist funding development for a network of satellite Messianic Hebrew-speaking Schools throughout Israel under the Makor HaTikvah School umbrella. And in the process, foster and strengthen understanding, unity and cohesiveness between Messianic Judaism and the world-wide Body of Christ as together we build bridges of education, fellowship and support with Israel.

Faith Teachings

Makor HaTikvah school educates children according to the Messianic faith in Yeshua, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, who is found in the scriptures.

Safety & Refuge

It is a place of refuge, safety and fellowship, while simultaneously offering an exceptional curriculum with integrated Biblical truth in all subject areas.

Educating Youth Today

The only State-Accredited Messianic school in Israel.

You are invited to join us in blessing Israel…
Through Your Prayers and Financial Support of Israel’s First Messianic School.

A glimpse of the school...

“ We are believers and Israelis. Our identity is in Jesus, Yeshua Messiah.
Our school is a miracle, just as the existence of the State of Israel is a miracle. Our vision is to make disciples for the Kingdom, more specialists entering into society.”
 –Yoel Russu, Principal

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